Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Truly a Busy Bee

     My friends and family know that I am terrified of bees. I got stung by a bee one time and reacted badly to it. So I keep my distance from them. That is why my family was so surprised I took this picture.

      I was visiting my aunt recently and was taking pictures of her awesome garden, when I notice this bee. At first, I jumped back and freaked out but as I started to watch it I became fascinated by it. It was flying flower to flower getting the nectar out of them. I started to take pictures of it. I did keep an eye so I didn’t bother it. It was neat to watch this bee do what it was created to do.

     When I looked at my pictures later that day, I saw the bee had pollen stuck to its feet. Also, I had never really seen a bee’s face. That day I had a greater appreciation of bees and their role in God’s creation. Still, I think I will keep my distance. 

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